Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Zombie Go Home

Protests Against Wall Street

Talk about kicking poor Wall Street when it's down.  Mayor Bloomberg is quoted as saying the majority of the people working on Wall St. are just trying to scrape by at 40-50k a year.  Is that true?  It sounds bizarre.  But then again, I imagine that the power brokers are cloistered away far from street level, watching with detached semi-interest.

One thing is for sure though, whatever it was that finally stirred these zombies to action came about a decade too late.  Where were they when Alan Greenspan set a precedent for today's destructive policies?  Where was the anger, the alarm and the rage?  Ron Paul was writing his weekly articles from his office for the Texas 14th congressional district, David Walker was using the pulpit of the US Government Accountability Office to warn of the dire consequences of the actions of not only Wall Street, but the US government and indeed the free spending (on credit) ways of the American people (in following the breadcrumbs laid out by Mr. Greenspan).

The two men noted above, along with - and I make no apology, inflationistas - Robert Prechter, Bob Hoye and some grizzly old gold bugs I used to read over at Gold-Eagle, along with a personal relationship or two created the impressionable Biiwii (a relative late-bloomer, not fully alarmed and activated until 2004).  You may know the schtick that followed... (3G) gold, guns, gardening... wood stoves, generator, provisions and a serious impulse to get rid of debt and own what I own.

I have little sympathy for people expressing the rage of disenfranchisement against a system now that its effects are readily apparent to them and upon them.  But then, I don't care for lazy thinkers and trend followers.  But I guess we are going full flash mob here in the US, in a typically cartoon fashion.

Something tells me that the evil making on Wall Street has long since been neutered and it is time for the mob to be looking elsewhere.


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  1. Their populist anger is misplaced. The Fed is the source of much of what they dislike and think is unfair.